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Ensemble Coffee Roasters, Las Vegas, NV based Craft Coffee Roaster strives to share with the world what we love to do. 

My journey into coffee roasting began when, after several months of trying a number of different coffees, I realized that the beans available in the stores were quite stale and lacking any complexity in flavor. For fun, I purchased an air popper and a bag of unroasted beans. Even with this very basic backyard set-up, I could immediately see, smell, and taste the difference in fresh roasted beans. Family and friends couldn’t believe the difference in taste, and even the mailman commented on the incredible aroma. From the air popper, I eventually progressed to a drum style roaster, enabling me to further hone my technique. Fast forward to today, where we take that same level of attention of detail to bring you unrivaled freshness and the complexity which initially led me down this path. Let’s share a cup!

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